Senior Product Manager

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Senior Product Manager

Bring your product management expertise to our non-management way of working.


We are looking for a seasoned IT product manager to guide us on the path to bringing our products to the next level. You are the type of person who knows the rules and best practices of product management backwards and forwards and uses that knowledge to build a product management structure that fits our organization. You see what is happening now, both within and around the organization, and can use that overarching company view to contribute to the future vision of the company.

When you join our organization, you will bring with you a fresh eye to look at the projects we build on and guide us in turning our plans into action more efficiently. While you may know the solution for a problem, you are more likely to facilitate someone to find the answer themselves, rather than just give it to them.

You will be the person that helps bring consistency to the way each team within Spindle works. You will do that by diving into the different projects we have and collecting information on the work processes. After evaluating these processes, you will guide each team on a way to improve and become more efficient, keeping in mind the non-hierarchical system we use as you go. You are comfortable finding the best way you can contribute your skills to the organization. 

Your professional profile


  • Have 8+ years of relevant IT experience

  • Have the ability to oversee multiple projects at once
  • Display solid leadership and mentorship capabilities and can give examples of this from your former work
  • Have managed large complex projects in the past
  • Are comfortable working in an English-speaking environment

Bonus points if you:

  • Have at least some knowledge of Holacracy or other self-steering organizational structures

About Spindle

Devhouse Spindle is a growing and ever-changing organization on a mission to connect the world using open and free communication. With almost 60 colleagues we develop the tools that make this possible, including our award-winning telephony platform VoIPGRID. Spindle is located in Groningen, a beautiful city known for its innovation being the fastest growing tech city in the Netherlands. 

Working at Spindle

If you look around the office, you’ll notice we do things a bit different around here:

  • We organize ourselves using a system called Holacracy. We believe every colleague is able to contribute to the organization rather than relying on a traditional hierarchy. Having no managers comes with extra responsibility to take ownership of your work and set priorities that help to further the organization.
  • We work with a “build, measure, learn” mentality and open mindset. We recognize that not everything you do is going to work right away. We praise experimentation and reward trying something new, even if the lesson is to not try it again.
  • We have an open and transparent salary system. Every colleague is placed in the pathway and a level best fitting their education and experience. We encourage growth and have clear guidelines and expectations for doing so.
  • We are a diverse and inclusive team of international coworkers. We value the differences that each person brings to the table and think that it's those differences that strengthen our organization. 

What we offer

  • A relaxed and welcoming culture with celebrations, events, and trips

  • A competitive salary and good pension benefits
  • An annual study budget and study days for personal and professional growth
  • Two weeks leave when welcoming a new member to the family
  • Other benefits that contribute to your health, well-being, and work/life balance 

Join the team

Want to know more about this job, the employee benefits or Spindle? Don’t hesitate to contact Dick on 050-8009078 or

Please note that we are currently not hiring for remote work.

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