Internships 2020 - Software, Design, and Communication Studies

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Internships 2020 - Software, Design, and Communication Studies

Are you looking for an internship where you can leave your mark on the product and the team and maybe even stay?


At Devhouse Spindle, we are all working towards the same goal - free and open communication. Right now we do this mainly by developing and maintaining a VoIP telephony platform, VoIPGRID. The majority of things are built in-house: we have teams for infrastructure, back-end and front-end development, UX and design, and marketing and communications.

This means there is a continuous cycle of developing and improving, and there is a lot of room for research and learning. That’s where you come in! We are always looking for students looking to do internships and graduation projects with us. We offer you a place where you will have the freedom to shape your assignment to fit your interests, and the guidance needed to learn along the way.

An internship at Spindle

Throughout your internship, you will be an integral part of the team that you are working with. Many of our interns also stay employees after graduation. To get an idea about previous internship projects, check out this blog post about creating a statistics dashboard, read here about how to choose the best natural language understanding system, or read this blog post about about our click-to-dial plugin. You can also read what this intern thought of his whole internship or see more blogs about what we are working on and what it’s like to work at Spindle.

For the Spring 2020 semester, we are looking for interns to join our infrastructure, UX and design, marketing and communications, and software development teams. If you are looking for an internship in another area, or in one of these areas but have a different internship project in mind, please contact us! We are always looking forward to hearing your ideas. Another important thing to keep in mind, we are a company that has a number of international colleagues working with us. Our working language is English, therefore our ideal candidate for an internship is comfortable communicating in English. 

Call platform monitoring - Software development

The VoIPGRID telephony platform is a complex network of services run and monitored by our Infrastructure team. To verify that it is working as intended, we designed a monitoring system that attempts to register as a phone and make a call. These metrics are then collected by our Prometheus database.

The current setup is sub-optimal, and has failed to report issues on more than one occasion. It is written in Python and based on docker to perform the tests in isolation.


Develop an application that measures key aspects of the telephony platform by acting like a device. Expose the measurements to our Prometheus database, and define alert conditions. Possible research for this assignment could include researching what features need the most testing or what metrics would have the most value.

How to market a foundation or community - Communications or International Communications

At Devhouse Spindle we work with several brands. Our biggest brands are Devhouse Spindle (link), the brand we use for sharing our knowledge, culture, and vacancies and VoIPGRID, which is the brand of our award winning VoIP telephony platform. We also have two newer brands,, a foundation facilitating equality in global unrestricted communication, and the Open VoIP Alliance, a community centered around open source VoIP development. The newest brands have very different target audiences and are aimed at sharing and spreading ideas instead of selling a product like VoIPGRID does.


Your assignment will be to research the best ways to market a philosophy rather than a product. How does marketing a new foundation or a new community differ from marketing a product? Find and test different methods to reach these specific target audiences. What marketing and communication tools and strategies do you need to build an active community? The end result of your study will be an advice report or communication plan.

Creating a database upgrade plan - Software development

Our telephony platform VoIPGRID does a lot of database actions. We currently use MySQL as our database management system and are in the process of upgrading it. This year we upgraded our MySQL version to 5.6 and did some research on upgrading to MySQL 5.7 as well. The problem with a MySQL upgrade, however, is that speed in general is decreased as MySQL focusses on concurrency.


You will research what should be the next steps in our database upgrade plan, keeping in mind that maintainability is key. Perhaps certain tables are better off in a NoSQL database or maybe restructuring a table is the way to go. You will come up with an actionable plan and verify if the chosen plan works through performance testing or a proof-of-concept. 

UX and design - Communication and Media

As an organization we strive towards user friendly products. Our UX and design team specifically aims to increase user value and satisfaction. You can contribute in many ways, including:

  • Perform UX research on the impact of copy that is used in the VoIP telephony platform, and translate those insights into solutions that increase usability and user experience.
  • Improve the front-end performance and accessibility of our websites.
  • Research how privacy, AI, and customer success can be impacted through design.
  • Use user feedback to research, prototype, and design new features or feature improvements for our VoIP telephony platform.
  • Translate our company product vision into explorative design concepts.

If any of these topics spark an idea or sound intriguing, please let us know so we can shape a project assignment together.

What we offer

We offer you the opportunity to work on software that strives to make sure that communication is always yours and yours alone. We also offer:

  • A relaxed and welcoming culture with celebrations, events, hackathons, and trips
  • A modern tech working environment
  • The opportunity to learn about working in a self-organizing manner by using Holacracy
  • Internship compensation
  • An hour of lunchtime in which we enjoy a delicious lunch provided by Spindle

Get in touch

If you find any of these assignments fascinating or if you came up with an idea of your own, please send in an application. We would love to hear from you! You can also contact Dick at +31 50-8009078 with any questions or email