Data Science internship

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Data Science internship

Help us understand the best way to predict which customers are most in need of customer support on our telecom platform. 

Full-time / Part-time · Groningen

At Devhouse Spindle, we are all working towards the same goal - free and open communication. Right now we do this mainly by developing and maintaining a VoIP telephony platform, VoIPGRID. The majority of things are built in-house: we have teams for infrastructure, back-end and front-end development, UX and design, data and analytics, and marketing and communications.

This means there is a continuous cycle of developing and improving, and there is a lot of room for research and learning. That’s where you come in! We are always looking for students looking to do internships and graduation projects with us. We offer you a place where you will have the freedom to shape your assignment to fit your interests, and the guidance needed to learn along the way.

Throughout your internship, you will be an integral part of the team that you are working with. Many of our interns also stay employees after graduation. To get an idea about previous internship projects, check out this blog post about creating a statistics dashboard, read here about how to choose the best natural language understanding system, or read this blog post about about our click-to-dial plugin. You can also read what this intern thought of his whole internship or see more blogs about what we are working on and what it’s like to work at Spindle.

Another important thing that sets us apart, we are a company that has a number of international colleagues working with us. Our working language is English, therefore our ideal candidate for an internship is comfortable communicating in English. 

Data Science Internship

We have a problem knowing which customers are in need of support and are likely to stop using our product. To solve this, we are looking for a model of how to apply proactive customer support with machine learning to our business. Specifically, we are looking to find out if and how predictive analytics and (multivariate)time-series forecasting can be applied to a B2B product and company in the telecom world. During your internship, you will work closely with our data team throughout your thesis project. You will also be able to talk and work with the customer support and product teams to get the necessary information for your project.

As our new intern, you are a masters student in one of the following fields: data science, statistics, economics, machine learning, computer science, physics, or applied mathematics. No matter what your studies are, there is a big statistical element involved, and you enjoyed that part of your studies. You are someone who enjoys collaborating with your direct colleagues, and don’t mind stating your opinion. We are a self managing company so you will be an equal part of the team. You are someone who is ready to put theory into practice and really understand what our problem is and how we can solve it. Next to your statistics skills, you have some programming skills in R or Python. 

About Spindle

Devhouse Spindle is a growing and ever-changing organization on a mission to connect the world using open and free communication. With almost 70 colleagues, we develop the tools that make this possible such as VoIPGRID, our award winning telefony platform. Alongside our VoIP platform we develop an app (both Android and iOS versions), a webphone, and a browser plugin which allow you to use the platform wherever you are.
Next to the tools we develop, we also connect people through the foundation, and the open source community, the Open VoIP Alliance. Spindle is located in Groningen, a beautiful city known for its innovation and the second fastest growing tech city in the Netherlands.  

Working at Spindle

If you look around the office, you’ll notice we do things a bit different around here:

  • We organize ourselves using a system called Holacracy. We believe every colleague is able to contribute to the organization rather than relying on a traditional hierarchy. Having no managers comes with extra responsibility to take ownership of your work and set priorities that help to further the organization.

  • We work with a “build, measure, learn” mentality and open mindset. We recognize that not everything you do is going to work right away. We praise experimentation and reward trying something new, even if the lesson is to not try it again.
  • We have an open and transparent salary system. Every colleague is placed in the pathway and a level best fitting their education, experience, and visible behavior. We encourage growth and have clear guidelines and expectations for doing so.
  • We are a diverse and inclusive team of international coworkers. We value the differences that each person brings to the table and think that it's those differences that strengthen our organization.
  • We strongly believe in open source. We show this by open sourcing our code when possible, using other open source projects for our VoIP platform, contributing to projects, and we have even started the Open VoIP Alliance to encourage collaboration when it comes to VoIP open source software.

What we offer

  • A relaxed and welcoming culture

  • Trainee allowance
  • Other benefits that contribute to your health, well-being, and work/life balance 

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