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48 Percent

A project leader to bring open communication to the 48 percent.


The internet has radically transformed our modern society. It has democratized information and communication, helping to bring equality to those who previously didn’t have it. However, 48% of the world does not have access to the Internet. More than 20% of those who do have access are actively censored. 1 out of every 5 inhabitants of our planet live without electricity.

Two companies, Spindle, who develops open communication technology, and Voys, who take this technology to the corporate market in the Netherlands, Belgium and South Africa are starting an organization to do something about this problem. With 48percent.org we want to bring communication technology to those people without electricity and the internet.

"Bring equivalence to the world by enabling everybody to have access to unrestricted communication" is the mantra of the foundation.

Of course every project needs someone to lead it, so for 48percent.org we are looking for a project manager to establish the foundation and coordinate with universities and the TNO to promote and support the development of components to solve these issues.

The role of the foundation

The aim of 48percent.org is to promote and support the development of components that will provide solutions to the problems this foundation is focused on. 48percent.org does this by means of resources, whether it be done with knowledge, with promotion, or by connecting different parties.

The foundation will be a separate business unit. It is supported by a group of sponsors, of which telecom provider Voys and Devhouse Spindle will be two. You will initially be working at Devhouse Spindle.

What are you going to do?

It is your noble task to jump-start and lead the creation of the equivalent world we have in mind. You will set up the foundation and it’s brand and manage the project. You will maintain contact with universities and colleges and establish new contacts. In addition, you will actively look for new partners who can strengthen the network as well as maintain contact with existing partners who have knowledge of innovation, energy, networks, technology, component sourcing and scalable production. Finally, you are responsible for building the brand and strengthening it. You are not the evangelist, but above all the go-getter who is busy coordinating, communicating and connecting.

Who are you?

You are entrepreneurial, eager to learn and have guts. You see yourself as a ringleader and have no problems coordinating many things at once. You master the English language, and speaking Dutch is a major plus as is an affinity with technology. Experience with setting up a foundation and/or working in a foundation is also preferable. We would like to see a number of years of work experience in a project manager-like role. University bachelors+ (HBO+)  work and level of thought is preferred.

About us

Since 48percent.org is a new foundation, you’ll be contracted by Devhouse Spindle. Spindle is a purpose-driven enterprise connecting the world using free (as in freedom) communication.

At Spindle,we work with complete system for self-organization called Holacracy. In this system authority is distributed to roles instead of people. We choose not to have managers because we believe that all colleagues use their expertise to make the right decisions regarding their roles and contribute equally to the direction of the products as well as the organization.

We strive for quality over quantity. We have two products that bring us a lot of pride and joy: VoIPGRID and Lily. Both of these products actively contribute to our purpose, which is building components for open communication. We also achieve this purpose by having open source products where possible, by contributing to other open source projects, and by sharing our knowledge through blog posts, at meetups, and at conferences.

For questions regarding this vacancy, send us an email at teamup@wearespindle.com or call Rosien at +31508009014.